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Happy Portrait

oh my!

Waves, Curls
and Coils

Wouldn't it be cool to visit a salon designed exclusively for your curls?

Welcome to Laura McGraw Hair Studio!

A Private hair studio specializing in curls with a friendly, relaxing and cultivating atmosphere

where your curls are not only encouraged,

they are embraced!

First time here?

Let me help you get started.


Feeling nervous about coming in?

Click below to get to know me

a little better

Cup of Coffee

Curl up with your favorite beverage and head over to the new client page where I'll walk you through what to expect during your first visit

Washing Hair in Salon

Arrive at the salon and realize that you're in a curl sanctuary!

What my Curlfriends are saying...


My curls are a treasure

I've been to several self-proclaimed curl experts, I've had good results from a few and horrible experiences with others. Laura McGraw is by far the best. Not only is she amazingly good at her job, but she also clearly loves doing it. Whether it's a good hair day or a bad one, she makes me feel like my curls are a treasure. Also, she is the first curl specialist I've known who makes ALL curly heads look beautiful, from a little wavy to super kinky. And she's a nice person, which is the icing on the cake



I leave feeling energized and beautiful


I have been going to Laura for a few years now after fighting my curls and the never-ending frizz. I knew Laura as a friend and I envied how in control & beautiful her curls always looked, so I made an appointment as a client and never turned back. Laura taught me how to embrace my curls. I love that when I walk into her salon, she is 100% focused on me, I always feel at home when sitting in her chair, and I leave feeling energized and beautiful--and always with some new curl knowledge as she is continually learning more in order to share with others."



Click here so we can get to know each other.

Want to learn more about what happpens at your first visit? Click here.

Click here to learn more about salon policies.

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