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Welcome curlfriend!

Come on in!

let's take the stress out of your first visit....



step one

Virtual hug!


Whether you're new to embracing your curls or have been on this beautifully insane curl journey your entire life, it can be quite scary visiting a new salon.

I want to start by alleviating some common concerns you may have associated with finding a new stylist by offering services exclusively for curly hair.

Did you even know that specializing in curls was a thing?? 


step two


  • studio policies and FACQ

  • how to prepare your curls for appointment day

  • the Curl Awakening Session (description & pricing)


And then submit your Curl Awakening session request.

 This will help me learn more about your curls and recommend the best session for you.

Absolutely loving this girl right here! She is rocking her styling and doing her best to s


step three

Booking your curl session;


Your session request form will help to make sure that we book the correct curl session and that I'm the stylist for you! Within 48 hours after submitting your form, you'll receive an email with my curl session recommendation, your booking link and how to prepare your curls for your Curl Awakening session.

curl session

Curl  Awakening Session 




  • starts with our thorough consultation by looking at your varying curl patterns, density,desired length, current styling routine and talking about your curl history.

  • Then, we'll do your haircut on dry hair, going curl by curlwhile talking about product types and ingredients.


  • Finishing up with teaching you how to care for your curls athome on wash day by going over product applications and techniques. 




Approximate session time is 2 - 2.5 hours

$225 +

3 +  hours session

may be necessary for long and / or high density curls.

$265 +

Additional time 1/2 hour $45

Additional time 1 hour $85


-prices subject subject to change without notice.


A one on one appointment with me from start to finish that is a

prerequisite session for all clients new to Laura McGraw Hair Studio. 

important stuff

Preparing your curls


(your days of arriving to the salon with a messy knot bun just might be over)

.>> Please perform a clarifying treatment such as an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse or a sulphate free clarifying shampoo (questions on this, please let me know) on the wash day before your appointment.


  • Style your hair as if you were going on a date. Use your favorite styling products for your appointment as we want the best curls possible for the best haircut possible. Do not use any products that would make your curls stiff, sticky or oily.


  • Arrive with BONE dry hair that is styled curly and down (not having been pulled back in any way i.e. ponytails, buns, bobbie pins or poof etc.) ******


  •  ALL TANGLES must be REMOVED during wash day prior to your appointment. This will insure the best haircut possible. There will be an additional charge or you could be asked to reschedule if extensive detangling is needed ******


  • Before and after photos are a part of your first appointment. Please wear an earth toned top that is different than the color of your hair. Also, wear make-up (if you normally wear it) 

Book your appointment
Image by Stephanie Harvey


So, you've read everything, submitted a new client session request, been approved and given a booking link.




My online schedule will remain open to book at any time throughout the next month and a half as long as there are openings. 

Don't see anything that fits your schedule? Add yourself to the waiting list

Agreement to salon policies is required to request and schedule an appointment. 

Have questions?

No problem! Click the button below and I'll respond within 24 hours Tuesday -Friday.

Session request
Cup of Coffee

after submitting your Session request,

you'll receive an email with my personal Curl Session suggestion for you, your booking link and how to prepare your curls for your curl awakening session.

after booking your session,

watch your email inbox for your "Welcome" series of emails from me!

Click here so we can get to know each other.

Want to learn more about what happpens at your first visit? Click here.

Click here to learn more about salon policies.

Thanks for stopping by
New Client  Central ! 

Where learning how to truly embrace your curls is a part of the experience!

Can't wait to meet you!

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