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Whether you're new to embracing your curls or have been on this beautifully insane curl journey your entire life, it can be very scary visiting a new salon. I'm right there with you! 

I want to start by hopefully alleviating some common concerns you may have associated with finding a new stylist by offering services exclusively for curly hair.

Did you even know that specializing in curls was a thing?? I didn't for the longest time but I haven't looked back ever since I started.


 To quote a line from one of my son's favorite animated movies from their childhood "see a need fill a need"


Am I the right stylist for you?

How many times have you tried a new stylist only to end up looking like a Christmas tree or a triangle.....again? 

Maybe you've been flat ironing for years and 

you're ready to walk away from that iron and embrace your curls once and for all by learning to achieve hydrated healthier, curls?

Possibly, you feel like your hair isn't really curly just frizzy.

Would you love to learn more about getting a grip on frizz?  What would it take to get better definition and to have a haircut that is unique to your curls and their varying spring factors? 

Then we totally need to connect!!

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Let's get started!


Read through 

Curl Awakening Session,

Curl preparation,

Studio Policies

and FACQ.


Fill out and submit your


Curl Awakening Session Appointment Request


If you previously submitted a request in the last year, you need only to email me to request session approval.


If it's been one year or more, please fill out and submit a new one.


Wait for your request to be approved. 

Upon approval, I'll email you as to how much time we'll need for your session and give your booking link.

Set a reminder for scheduling day!

Are you getting excited yet?!


Curl  Awakening Session 

A one on one appointment with me from start to finish that is required for all clients new to Laura McGraw hair Studio. First, we'll start by having a thorough consultation, looking at your varying curl patterns, density, desired length, current styling routine and talking about your curl history. Then, we'll do your haircut FIRST on dry hair, going curl by curl while talking product types and ingredients. Finishing up with teaching you how to care for your curls at home by going over applications and techniques. 

10 years old & up  (not accepting new children clients under 10 yrs old at this time)


 2 - 2.5  hours


 3+ hours .

$245+ very long or thick hair

Additional time 1/2 hour $40

Additional time 1 hour $80


prices subject to change without notice


Important stuff:


(your days of arriving to the salon with a messy knot bun just might be over)

.>> Please perform a clarifying treatment such as an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse or a sulphate free clarifying shampoo (questions on this, please let me know) on the wash day before your appointment.


  • Style your hair as if you were going on a date. Use your favorite styling products for your appointment as we want the best curls possible for the best haircut possible. Do not use any products that would make your curls stiff, sticky or oily.


  • Arrive with BONE dry hair that is styled curly and down (not having been pulled back in any way i.e. ponytails, buns, bobbie pins or poof etc.) ******


  •  ALL TANGLES must be REMOVED during your wash day prior to your appointment. This will insure the best haircut possible. There will be an additional charge or you could be asked to reschedule if extensive detangling is needed ******


  • Before and after photos are a part of your first appointment. Please wear an earth toned top that is different than the color of your hair. Also, wear make-up (if you normally wear it) 


NEW CLIENT SCHEDULING is will open For October  

8 am September 1st

Due to an overwhelming demand, my schedule opens for new clients



So, you've read everything, submitted a new client session request, been approved and given a booking link.




Online booking will open on the 1st of each month at 8 am to book for the following month unless otherwise noted. Scheduling will remain open to book at any time throughout that month. Example, Feb 1st the schedule for March opened.


Openings will fill quickly, so setting a personal reminder for 8 am on the opening date is recommended in order to secure an appointment for your desired month. There is not a waiting list therefor this is the best way to acquire an appointment.

>>>There are no appointments hiding.

>>> If you receive a message while trying to book that says "there is no availability for this combination of services and dates. Please call 832 - 373-4540" , PLEASE DO NOT CALL.  This message means that all available openings have already been booked. Please check back often for cancelations or simply wait until the following month.


Agreement to salon policies is required to request and schedule an appointment. 



No problem at all 

Thanks for stopping by
New Client  Central ! 

Where learning how to truly embrace your curls is a part of the experience!

Hope to see you soon!