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Hey there!

I’m Laura.

Let's get acquainted before your curl session.

Here, I’ll go first,


Embracing my own curls and encouraging my clients to do so as well for many years, has always been important to me, even as a conventional stylist.

Have you ever gotten a haircut that might be technically even but was visually uneven or just looked wonky??

That was me personally...every haircut!


Until I learned about cutting curls dry and in their natural state. Holy cow!  It seriously changed my life and my career.


It was a complete “lightbulb” moment that has catapulted me into seeking out varying methods of cutting and caring for curls! Not only did my amazing clients need this,

I needed this too!


Girl, I got you!!

Know that I’m on this crazy curl journey with you and can relate to many of the same struggles along the way. How to control frizz? How to have a haircut that looks on purpose (and not like a triangle). What does it take to have decent curls after sleeping? When to plan wash day? Securing curls for a workout in a way that doesn’t destroy them. Getting better definition or volume. Oh, and let's not forget that absolute unicorn (you know, rare and highly sought after) of volume AND definition!  I’m right there with you!


I’ve designed my Pearland studio salon in such a way that will hopefully leave you feeling uplifted, relaxed, confident and more knowledgeable about caring for your curls than you’ve ever felt before.

Together, let’s embrace your curls where they’re at.


Whether that means lived in curls, defined curls, voluminous curls and/or all of it.


At every appointment, I’ll check in with you to see if we need to tweak anything or if your curl goals may have changed.

When I'm not behind the chair;

I'm a total homebody with Michael, my husband of over 30 years and our two handsome boys ages 21 and 20. No, the boys aren’t so small anymore, but, they are still my babies!



It's straight to Home Depot with Michael on the weekends to pick out plants for the garden or planning our next project for the house. Not real crazy about dirt under my fingernails, but I love working in the garden (with gloves ) where we always have herbs and veggies planted.


Complete Marvel nerd (hello, boy Mom). I love me some Thor, oooh and Cap, pardon my drool.


DId I mention that we are utterly and absolutely addicted to the Food Network!


Scotland and Australia are at the top of my bucket list.


I'm a total gym rat and thoroughly enjoy weightlifting! Mind you, this is being said by someone who use to tell everyone “I’m allergic to exercise, it breaks me out in a sweat”.



I can’t forget our two sweet Redbone Coonhounds Angus and Daphne. 



Just a couple of crazy hounds that bring us joy and chaos at the same time.



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